The dentist stole my wisdom tooth (and the Gnocchi that saved me)

I want to cook and make something so delicious that I can’t wait to post it, but the dentist stole my wisdom tooth on Thursday afternoon and I can’t hardly eat a thing.  My meals have consisted of the following for two days:

Blueberry and Vanilla Oikos Greek Yogurt

Unsweetened Applesauce

Soft whole wheat bread

Those have been the exciting staples of the last two days.

I did get a little crazy last night and ate a delicious bowl of gnocchi that was served up Boyfriend Sensei (He was dubbed this when I was telling him he is just fantastic at being a boyfriend…and called him Boyfriend Sensei.  It stuck and that has become his blog name, for now at least.).  He mixed a small amount of low-fat cream of chicken, mozzarella, and gnocchi.  It was delicious!  I was craving some good carbs and it hit the spot.  I ate it in small pieces and it was just perfect.  When we were about halfway through eating it, I knew I was feeling better because all that came out of my mouth was “We should’ve taken a picture of this!”.  I am becoming quite a sucker for my blog.

I have been daydreaming about what my first real meal will be when I feel like taking on the challenge again.  What I know for sure is I really, really miss the following: My Kashi 7-grain crackers, granola bars and snacks, marcona almonds,Yogi crisps, whole frozen fruit, dried fruit,  and toasted english muffins.  That’s just the start of it.   A dentist should never mess with a food fanatic’s mouth.  That’s just not very nice!

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