Lunch in a Hurry: Turkey Sausage and Chickpeas

I have been a hummus fan for a while now, but had still never tried…chickpeas!  They seem to be a “foodie” favorite so I decided to grab a few cans at the grocery store and give chickpeas a whirl!  I noticed while I was looking at one of the cans that it recommended serving chickpeas with sausage and the lightbulb went off.   I decided to try a very simple chickpea recipe for my first round with the bean.

After warming the chickpeas, I heated precooked turkey sausage and chopped it into bite-sized pieces.  I mixed the two together and tossed in goat cheese crumbles and some marcona almonds.

Turkey Sausage and Chickpeas

This was delicious and simple.  I have found a new, excessively easy lunchtime treat and I will be revisiting it again soon.

I would love to know how other chickpea fans enjoy this bean!  How do you serve your chickpeas?

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