Snack in a Hurry: What I keep in my desk (Bars, bars, bars, fruit strips and Vitatops…)

My previous post had my mind on another topic today:   The mid-morning snack.  I always keep a few bars and miscellaneous healthy snacks on hand for my 10:00 mid-morning snack.  As I’ve said before, I eat a really early breakfast and I am usually in the midst of a busy morning as soon as my stomach decides to tell me it is hungry again.  I don’t need the distraction so I try to always have low-cal, healthy snacks on hand.

I love most Kashi and Luna Bars.  Fruit strips are always great if it gets close to lunch before I have time for a snack and don’t want to ruin my meal.  I always have at least one large Clif bar in my drawer just in case I should somehow get stuck at work over lunch and need something to eat.  I have had the same one in there forever, this scenario hasn’t happened yet.  I love a delicious lunch too much!  I always keep a few Banana-Nut Vitatops in the work freezer as well.  They are so delicious, pretty low in sugar, and only 100 calories.   You can find them in the freezer section of most grocery store health markets and even Target.  I also just recently added unsweetened applesauce cups to the workplace snack emergency stash.

What do you keep on hand for your mid-morning snacks?  Any suggestions?

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