Breakfast in a Hurry: Smoked Salmon and Swiss Spread English Muffin with Frozen Berries

I speak from time-to-time about my never-ending quest for a filling breakfast.   That’s because I eat my breakfast at around 6:15 so by mid-morning I am ravenous!   This breakfast idea came to me yesterday as I wandered the grocery section of Target and passed the smoked salmon.  I had flashbacks to vacation when we were enjoying smoked salmon and spreadable cheese.  Now, that was a good breakfast!  The smoked salmon was going straight into the cart.

(On a side note, I’m going astray for a moment:  Does anyone else spend amazing lengths of time at the grocery store?  I am just in heaven at Whole Foods.  No matter how many times I go I wander the place awestruck.  It is so bizarre.)

I decided breakfast would be a happy merger between a toasted 100% Whole Wheat Thomas English Muffin, laughing cow spreadable light swiss, and a portion of smoked salmon.


Breakfast is never complete without berries so I added strawberries (slightly frozen – I love them that way), blueberries, and Oikos 0% Vanilla Greek Yogurt into the mix.

This was one to savor!  There is something about salmon for breakfast that always feels decadent.

Tomorrow I plan on launching into the “Kettleworx” kettlebell workout program I purchased.  Has anyone tried kettlebells?  I would love to hear what kind of experiences others have had with the workout!  I will let you know my thoughts on it myself.  I get so excited to try new things!

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