Swiss Shiritaki Chicken Noodles

Now, this was dinner in a hurry! I have a lot of work to get to this evening to wrap up my day and needed something I could whip up quickly.  I have been craving noodles.  I only have to microwave the shiritaki noodles for a couple of minutes so they seemed like the practical choice.

If you have never had Shiritaki noodles before, they have a rather odd texture that  can seem a bit strange but I actually kind of like it!  I rinsed my noodles, dried them and then placed them in the microwave for one minute.  I removed my noodles, drained and dried them again, and then added two Laughing Cow light swiss triangles to the noodles.  I microwaved my noodles and cheese for one more minute.  I stirred my noodles until the cheese thoroughly melted.  Then I added cooked chicken breast  in bite-sized pieces.  I topped off my noodles with light parmesan cheese, pepper and garlic.

For my side dish tonight, I went with a Cornbread Vitatop.  They are a fantastic addition to any “dinner in a hurry”!

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