Williams-Sonoma cooking techniques classes: Have you tried it?

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I had an email hit my inbox last month that caught my eye.  One word: cheese.  That’s all it took (OK, so the part about creating whipped creams for a decadent topping didn’t hurt either…).

I had to attend.

The class was great, just about an hour long.  She taught us how to make homemade ricotta cheese and butters.  Can you believe homemade ricotta only takes about 15 minutes?  The final portion of the class focused on designing cheese platters.   At some point during the class she mentioned we were bypassing the whipped cream portion of the class because it featured their new Granulated Honey.  It is a product that they completely sold out of immediately.  Apparently it is fantastic whipped into cream.  I think honey is fantastic in general so I will be placing an order online soon. I would love to see the nutritional stats.

All-in-all it was a fun experience!  This September they will be holding a “Fall Baking” class I will definitely be attending.  Anything that features fruit and I’m there!

Has anyone else attended one of these classes or know of any other chains that do something similar?  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it!

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