Speedy Turkey Quesadilla

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After an extremely busy day yesterday, I wanted an easy dinner and I wanted it quickly!  I summoned the Griller, Jr.  again and the results were delicious.  This is so simple I thought twice about posting, but I know I am always looking for quick and easy dinner postings so I opted to share.  I used ground turkey meat ( I browned it with finely chopped onion and cajun powder) and sprinkled in canned diced tomatoes (I used the 365 brand from Whole Foods) and Soy-Station Cheddar Cheese.

I folded it in half and misted a few pumps of olive oil spray on the outside of the tortilla ( I use La Tortilla low carb, whole wheat large tortillas) and placed it in my Griller, Jr.  for about 5 minutes.  The biggest surprise for me was the fantastic flavor of the 365 tomatoes.

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