Mandarin and Turkey Paninis

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Thanks to my Griller, Jr. (my new favorite kitchen tool!), I have been indulging in the best sandwiches for lunch lately.   The Griller, Jr. gets hot so quickly I am able to whip up a panini in no time!  My most recent favorite?  The mandarin and turkey panini.

I have used a wide variety of breads and cheeses to mix up the taste a bit, but the following breads and cheeses always guarantee a winning combination:

My favorite breads to use for a healthy panini: Oroweat 48% Double Fiber or Oroweat Sandwich Thins

Best cheeses: Soystation Shredded Mozarella or Light Swiss Laughing Cow spread

Insert fresh turkey slices and mandarins (I have been using canned organic mandarins) and grill for approximately four minutes.

This healthy combo guarantees a tangy, delicious sandwich!

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